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Amir Soliemanian

Bio amir soleimanian

With 20 years of experience in the automotive industries and clear knowledge of DMV rules and regulations, Amir Soleimanian has been able to represent his clients with utmost confidence. His experience in the practice of traffic laws has earned him a 96 % success rate.

Mr. Soleimanian has tried over 1,000 traffic trials, which has earned him the reputation for being Mr. Ticket. He is detail oriented, dedicated, attentive and honest to all his clients from the start to finish of every case.

Mr. Soleimanian earned his Bachelor degree in engineering from the Northroup University and his law degree from the U.W.L.A. He is fluent in English, Hebrew and Farsi.

Mr. Soliemanian is the founder of Mr. Ticket, which is an organization that helps individuals with there Traffic and DMV matters. Amir is a firm believer of his clients having the best legal representation regardless of their race, color or ethnic backgrounds. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty!

There are over 6 MILLION traffic violations issued in the state of California alone, according to The Superior Court of California. With this overwhelming number of tickets, every driver is in jeopardy of losing their license, sky rocketing insurance rates, and not to mention the possibility of losing their job.

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