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Attorney Leonard Kaumo Recommends Attorney Summer McKeivier

In my 31 years of practicing law, this is the first time that I have felt compelled to put pen to paper in a congratulatory salute of a fellow attorney. I just returned to my office from Casper, Wyoming after attending the sentencing in USA v. XXXX XXXX. Mr. XXXX was well-represented by Summer McKeivier of your office and it was my good fortune to serve as "local counsel" for her in this case. Summer did a fabulous job and obtained a fantastic result for her client. What was most impressive about Summer's representation of Mr. XXXX was the difficulties that she had to overcome. Mr. XXXX was a difficult client and the facts of his case did not provide much, if any, in the way of a defense. Despite these difficulties, Summer "endeavored to persevere" and conducted herself very professionally and exercised amazing patience. The Assistant United States Attorney and the Judge both complimented her on the job that she did on this case and the manner in which she represented her client. The compliments were justified. I would enjoy working with her in the future.

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