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Appeal Evaluation Service

There are a great many reasons why a conviction or penalty can be appealed. The only way to really understand the merits of your case and your chances for post-conviction relief is to have an expert appellate attorney review the facts.

The Criminal Defense Group offers an Appeals Evaluation Service. With this service, we conduct a thorough, independent investigation of the entire history of your case. This includes reviewing court records, the performance of previous legal counsel, investigative and police work, and countless other details.

Our evaluation is led by an expert appeals attorney with at least 10 years of appellate court experience with a specific understanding of cases like yours. Normally, an attorney of this caliber would be too expensive for most people to retain on their own for this service. At The Criminal Defense Group, we do enough appellate work and have developed such effective legal strategies that we are able to offer this specialized service at a much lower cost.

After we complete your case's Appeal Evaluation we will recommend the best strategy for post-conviction relief. It may be that a conventional appeal is required. Or, there may be opportunities for penalty reductions, possible mistrials, or a variety of other avenues. Once we have completed the research, we will meet with you to thoroughly discuss all of your legal options.

Call us today at (800) 459-2500 and ask about our Appeal Evaluation Service.

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