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Attorney Eric Chase comments on Strauss-Kahn release and mai

Posted by Eric Chase | Jul 22, 2014 | 0 Comments

Attorney Eric Chase's televised comments on the Strauss-Kahn release given on Bloomberg television are published by the Wall Street Journal.  Chase said the case would certainly be dismissed as the credibility of the maid was called into question.  All three major factors pointing to a false allegation are present here.

  1. Motive. The maid was overheard on a recorded jail conversation telling her inmate “boyfriend” that she was going to make a lot of money on her accusations.
  2. Inconsistencies. Her statements about what happened immediately after she says she was raped changed considerably and investigators say she has lied them on numerous topics.
  3. Prior false accusations. The Maid lied on her amnesty application to become a US citizen falsely claiming that she was gang raped in her home country of guinea.

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Eric Chase

Eric Chase is the founding partner and chief counsel of the The Criminal Defense Group.  As Chief Counsel of the firm, Mr. Chase oversees the teams of attorneys responsible for all aspects of The Group's legal matters around the country.


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