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Case Results

  • Winning a Suppression Motion in a Child Pornography Case Suppression

    Sometimes, when the Government seizes a computer to search it for evidence of child pornography, they make mistakes that make it possible to have the evidence suppressed on a motion by the defendant's attorney. We recently one of these motions and wanted to share it so that people facing the horr... Read On

  • Sentencing Memo

    This sentencing memorandum was submitted on behalf of a client who, through counsel, voluntarily disclosed to the government a sophisticated Ponzi scheme that he had been running for several years. By the time counsel made the disclosure the fraud had reached about 8 million dollars. This brief p... Read On

  • Federal Theft 1.5 Million

    Oklahoma theft of 1.5 mil worth of corn gets one year sentence after judge convinced client was minor participant and had no prior record. Read On

  • Drug Possession

    A client was charged with possession of cocaine for sale in the Long Beach Superior Court after being found with four ounces of cocaine by a police sting. The client was a first-time offender, college student. As such, I was able to persuade the court, after submitting a pre-plea sentencing memor... Read On

  • Dominque Strauss-Kahn dismissal

    Much has been made of the dismissal of charges against former IMF chairman Dominque Strauss-Kahn. In this piece, Salon blogger Tracy Clark-Flory provides a sounding-board for “leading feminist activists” who argued, among other things, that the dismissal denied the accuser her day in court, that ... Read On

  • Federal Copyright Infringement

    Client was busted as part of a massive ring spanning the United States and other countries.  With connections in CD packaging plants the ring was uploading entire CDs days before their release dates and storing them on servers across the globe.  The government's best estimate as to loss to the Re... Read On

  • California Child Abuse

    A client was arrested after police officers claim they saw him hit his infant daughter.  He was charged with willful harm to a child, in violation of Penal Code section 273a. I obtained a disposition by which he agreed to plead guilty to one count of misdemeanor child abuse, a violation of PC 273... Read On

  • Child pornography

    A client was charged in Federal court with possession of child pornography, in violation of Title 18, section 2252 of the United States Code. The client's address had been located by FBI investigators after he used E-Gold, an online payment service, to access websites. The firm argued that the im... Read On

  • Improvisational practice (or obtaining a juvenile court disposition for an adult defendant)

    When talking about what makes a good criminal defense attorney, many lawyers neglect to mention one crucial ability: the ability to improvise. That ability, which oftentimes consists of the ability to maneuver through openings when they appear, can be illustrated well by a case I recently closed.... Read On

  • Probation in Child Pornography Case

    Not all child pornography cases are created equal. For some, there is an opportunity to put the prosecution's case at risk with a motion to suppress the evidence of child pornography taken off a defendant's computer. That is just what happened in one recent case we handled. In that case, the jud... Read On

  • CA Violent Crime Case Result

    Client was charged with multiple counts including kidnapping, kidnapping for robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats and burglary. He was looking at life in prison. Client only pleaded guilty to one count of robbery and sentenced to 2 years. Read On

  • Prefile child sexual abuse

    A client in Florida retained the firm after he was contacted by a police detective seeking to interview him regarding allegations by the twelve year old daughter of a family friend that he molested her during a family camping trip. I gathered as much case information as was available and formed t... Read On

  • Nolle Prosequi in New Mexico

    Client was accused of inappropriate touching by his step-daughter.  The alleged victim had a history of lying and false allegations.  After employing a private investigator and subpoenaing the school and therapy records the child recanted and the prosecution was forced to file the no prosecution. Read On

  • Federal Drug Conspiracy–Methamphetamine

    Client was indicted for distribution of methamphetamine. Trial was not an option since the government had a confidential source and recorded undercover drug buys. With a prior drug felony conviction, client was looking at a mandatory minimum of 20 years. Client's vehicle was also seized and enter... Read On

  • CA Attempted Murder with Gang Enhancement

    Client had turned his life around.  He had a job, was getting his gang tattoos removed and was attending school.  A drive-by shooting in his neighborhood where witnesses recalled the shooter who had a gang moniker the same as my client.  Client had an alibi for all day because he had been buildin... Read On

  • NOT GUILTY on all counts

    On Monday, September 12, at about 11:30 am, I was contacted by a client who was set to start a trial that afternoon at 1:30 with a public defender. He was being charged with both DUI and assaulting a police officer. I agreed to go to court with him and fully believed that the Judge would grant me... Read On


    Recently represented a young man in federal court in Los Angeles who had been indicted for trafficking over five pounds of pure methamphetamine.  As a result of this charge and the fact that he had two prior drug trafficking convictions, my client was facing a mandatory life sentence.  The govern... Read On

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