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The "Business As Usual" Model
The The Criminal Defense Group Model
Assign a single attorney to
each case
Rely only on local resources
for local cases
Be a "general practitioner"
in order to get enough cases
to pay the bills

Most defense firms are small boutique shops that assign a single attorney to each case. While most attorneys work hard to protect the interest of their clients, this business model has  serious problems. 

Most attorneys must keep a rather large case load to stay in business. If your defense team consists of a single attorney, what happens when you need help at a time when your attorney is out of the office or busy on another case? 

Second, no one attorney can possibly be an expert in every type of criminal charge. Even worse, some attorneys split their time across multiple areas of practice because there is not enough criminal defense work to support their business. 

The bottom line is that the traditional way of doing business may be profitable for lawyers but it is not always in the best interest of clients.
Assemble a TEAM for
each case
Use the best resources from
across the country
Match clients with experts
who specialize in their type
of case

We assemble a complete team for every case. Even a small case that can be handled by a single attorney is backed by 24 hour per day case management, a network of support staff and a brain trust of expertise that your attorney can tap into for assistance. 

Each of our clients has at their disposal hundreds of defense attorneys with different areas of expertise, top trial attorneys, criminologists, investigators, researchers, paralegals and other support staff. 

Our business model ensures that we are responsive to your needs at a moment's notice, and we have the specialists at our disposal that are needed for the best possible defense. 

The Criminal Defense Group

Our unique firm philosophy makes this powerful defense force available for the first time. If you or someone you know has been or may be accused of a crime, we encourage you to call now for a free consultation. Early intervention is the key to our mutual success.

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