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Child Pornography

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We are different from other law firms. We successfully defend many clients against child pornography charges. It is one of our specialties. Give us a quick call at (800) 459-2500 and speak with an attorney who can help you solve your problem, as we did with the two clients shown here:

Recent Child Pornography Case Results

August 2010 Facing: Mandatory Minimum 5 Years for Importation of Child Pornography

Result: NO JAIL TIME, Straight Probation!

Click here to read how we got the evidence thrown out of court!

June 2010 Facing: Mandatory Minimum 5 Years for Child Pornography Distribution

Result: Plea to Obscenity Charge with NO REGISTRATION & 6 Months Home Detention!

Click here to read how we convinced the judge to suppress the evidence!

The two motions we put online for you to see (above) show some of what a good criminal defense attorney does for their clients. Through our experience, research and excellent writing skills, we showed how certain evidence that the police were going to use against our clients was not allowed, because the police had done something wrong, or because the evidence was otherwise "tainted", and could not be used in court. We were successful in both of those cases.

Child Pornography Defense Considerations

Increasingly, child pornography laws are being used to punish the use of computer technology and the Internet to obtain, share and distribute pornographic material involving minors under the age of 18, including films and images. Courts have held that such material my be banned even if it is not legally obscene and does not involve nudity.

Child pornography is a crime that one can commit or be charged with committing even without one's knowledge. The mere presence of pornographic images on a computer, even if it was downloaded without your knowledge, can implicate you in these crimes.

We have defended clients who have viewed images of people thought to be over 18. We have also seen instances when people have received pornographic emails and deleted them, but the images still remain in the computer's hard drive and implicate the individual.

An additional consideration is that pornography charges, particular when involving the Internet, are often prosecuted at the federal level. Federal criminal defense is significantly different from state defense and requires different strategies and considerations. It is important to understand whether potential charges are being filed by the state, the federal government or both.

The charge of child pornography carries considerable social stigma. Prosecutors are under considerable pressure from the public to pursue charges of crimes against children and are highly motivated to seek convictions for these charges. The social stigma associated with harming children can lower the threshold of proof in the minds of jurors.

The complexity of computer technology can affect child pornography cases and must be considered in their defense. It is important that, when computers are involved, your defense team possesses sufficient expertise in cybercrimes defense.

If you are facing potential child pornography charges, it is critical that you use a legal defense team with specific experience and expertise dealing with crimes against children. Call us at any time at (800) 459-2500 for a free, confidential initial consultation. Early intervention is critical to obtaining the best results.

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