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Internet Pornography

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There is no standard definition of what constitutes as Internet crime. The charge of "Internet Pornography" often refers to the distribution of child pornography over the Internet. It can also refer to the distribution of pornographic materials without the permission of the subject or recipient.

For specific information on Child Pornography offenses seeĀ Child Pornograhy.

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Internet Pornography Defense Considerations

Internet crime charges require specific defense strategies and should be defended by counsel with significant experience in cybercrimes.

It is possible to be in possession or distribution of pornographic materials without your knowledge. In some cases, the mere presence of pornographic images on a computer hard drive can implicate the owner or user of the computer regardless of how or when these images were obtained.

The Internet crosses national boundaries, and the definition of Internet content as "pornography" is somewhat vague and subject to personal interpretation. Additionally, prosecutors often must consider the intent to distribute the materials and their intended audience in these cases.

A particular consideration is the fact that Internet criminal charges are often made by the federal government, not the states. Federal criminal defense is significantly different from state defense and requires different strategies and considerations.

The Criminal Defense Group has extensive experience both in sex crimes and cybercrimes at the state and federal level. If you are facing potential Internet Pornography charges, we recommend that you obtain legal counsel as early as possible. Call us at any time for a free and confidential consultation at (800) 209-4331. Early intervention is critical to obtaining the best results.

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