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Fighting Pandering Charges

The most common definition of pandering is "the act of recruiting a prostitute, finding a place of business for a prostitute or soliciting customers for a prostitute." In some states, this crime is expanded to include the sale or distribution of textual or visual material openly advertised to appeal to the recipient's sexual interest.

This crime is also known as "pimping."

We are different from other law firms. We have an excellent record defending our clients against sex crime charges. It is one of our specialties.

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Pimping Defense Considerations

In most cases, the charge of pandering involves the profit from acts of prostitution in states in which prostitution is illegal. Pandering can carry severe criminal sentences. Pandering charges can involve many counts, each of which carries possible prison time.

As with most sex crimes, prosecutors are under tremendous pressure from the public to pursue convictions on pandering and prostitution charges. Due to the heavy sentences involved in these charges, an aggressive and early defense is required.

Pandering and prostitution defense is different from other types of criminal defense, even other types of sex crimes defense. A defense team must conduct extensive witness interviews, as well as obtaining and interpreting financial records. The goals of the prosecution are also important, as pandering charges made against one person may actually be an attempt to build a case against someone else.

The Criminal Defense Group specializes in sex crimes at both the state and federal level. We have generated very impressive results in the defense of pandering and prostitution charges. Call us at any time at (800) 459-2500 for a free and confidential consultation. Early intervention is critical to obtaining the best results.

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