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Eric Chase

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Senior Partner and Chief Counsel

Eric Chase is the founding partner and chief counsel of the The Criminal Defense Group.  As Chief Counsel of the firm, Mr. Chase oversees the teams of attorneys responsible for all aspects of The Group's legal matters around the country. 

Chase is not only one of America's most respected and well known attorneys; he is also a seasoned defense attorney and an innovative leader in the legal profession.  He is regularly featured as an expert on the national news and has generated a long and impressive track record of victories for his clients.

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Chase, a native of Southfield, MI, received a B.A. Degree from Michigan State University in 1985.  He received a J.D. degree from Boston University School of Law in 1988.  After law school, Mr. Chase passed the New York Bar exam and immediately joined the Bronx Public Defenders office.  He quickly built a reputation as an outstanding defense attorney in the New York legal community.  After handling hundreds of cases for those not fortunate enough to afford private counsel, Chase knew that criminal defense was where he wanted to focus his efforts. 

In 1990, Chase moved his family to Los Angeles where he soon established a thriving statewide criminal defense practice. Chase has been responsible for mentoring attorneys currently on staff as well as many attorneys that have moved on to start their own practices throughout the United States. 

Chase has appeared as a legal commentator on Dateline NBC, MSNBC, CNN's Nancy Grace, Fox News, Fox's Studio B and numerous other network programs.  Chase is licensed in California and New York and appears in State and Federal courts throughout the United States.

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  • L.D. Recommends Eric Chase

    My emotions are still going strong with all that has happened these past few months. Our family has experienced more than should ever happen to anyone. I still start crying now and then because this has finally ended. We’re happy, more relaxed and we feel down right good. We knew it would even...
  • Wayne Housley Recommends Eric Chase

    Mr. Chase is an attorney without peer. I have been engaged by his blogs and his informative website and impressed by his accomplishments. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Chase to anyone facing challenging charges.
  • D.D. Recommended Attorney Eric Chase

    I am very pleased to offer this letter of recommendation for Eric Chase. Unfortunately, I have hired many attorneys and they always wanted me to negotiate. When I first met with Mr. Chase, he explained my situation and asked what I wanted to do. He then informed his staff; "Gentlemen we have o...
  • The M Family Recommends The Firm

    Many, many thanks for the time you took to answer our phone calls and explain everything to us. We realize how much work and time you put into our case. We think it is great. The way you wrote the brief we don't see how anyone could find our son guilty.
  • L.P. Recommends The Firm

    Thanks for all that you have done for our son. I feel you’re one of the important people in my life. God Bless you always.
  • C.J. Recommends The Criminal Defense Group

    I wish to give to your law firm the biggest “Thank You” that I am able to give! From start to finish, you helped me get grounded and stay grounded through my entire case. I would like to start off by thanking your Case Manager for his extremely calming influence on me during my entire crisis. He ...
  • G.D. Recommends Chase

    I have long been going to write to you and tell you how very grateful my family and I am for the effort and caring that you put into our son’s defense. On Saturday, June 3rd, he will be graduating from High School, in cap and gown, at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. All along the way, everyone i...
  • R.J.S. Recommends The Criminal Defense Group

    I wanted to tell you how happy and excited I am that we were able to find the truth. I also wanted to thank you for all your hard work and support. Thanks a lot.
  • Mr. & Mrs. H.B. Recommend The Firm

    The purpose of this letter is to praise your employees. I was most impressed with the way our case was handled, first by your Case Manager and ultimately by your Attorney. Your Case Manager was exceedingly prompt in scheduling an appointment to consider our case. He listened, analyzed and coun...

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