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Eric P. Roy

Bio eric roy

Mr. Roy is originally from Twin Falls, Idaho.  Mr. Roy attended Twin Falls High School where he was involved in the schools boxing program and began training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; while still a High School student, Mr. Roy competed in one Mixed Martial Arts competition where he beat his opponent within 60 seconds.

Mr. Roy moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2002 in order to attend the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  There, Mr. Roy majored in Business Administration and was on the Dean's List the majority of his time at the School of Business.  At UNLV Mr. Roy continued his fight training where he regularly competed in boxing matches and won all but one fight.

Before beginning his College career Mr. Roy traveled extensively.  In 2001, Mr. Roy traveled through Italy, North Africa, and Spain.  In 2004, during his stint at UNLV, Mr. Roy spent a "semester at sea" where he visited numerous ports throughout the world including Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Cuba, Costa Rica, Brazil, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, India, Vietnam, South Korea, and Japan .  In 2008, while Mr. Roy was in Law School, he spent 3 months in Beijing, China immersing himself in that culture and studying Mandarin Chinese.  In 2010, Mr. Roy spent two months in Costa Rica surfing and living with a local family, where he learned to speak Spanish as a result.

After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Mr. Roy was accepted to and attended the Boyd School of Law at the University of Las Vegas, where he focused his attention on litigation.  In addition, while at the Boyd School of Law, Mr. Roy continued his study of Mandarin Chinese, externed for Chief Federal Judge for the District of Nevada Roger Hunt, externed for United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and clerked for the Justice Law Center and the Nevada Law Group.  Mr. Roy graduated from the Boyd School of Law in 2009.  Upon graduation, Mr. Roy worked as an associate attorney at The Firm before starting the Law Offices of Eric Roy, LLC in 2011.

Through rigorous fight training and competition, Mr. Roy developed the discipline, iron will, relentless drive and commitment to excellence that has been a cornerstone of his personal philosophy and practice.  In addition, Mr. Roy's extensive travels have exposed him to numerous and diverse cultures, broadening his understanding of the human experience and giving him a depth and insight that has directly contributed to Mr. Roy's most important distinction: that being an unparalleled and unmatched advocate for his clients.

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