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Criminal Defense Attorney Guy WomackCriminal Defense Attorney Noah PinesCriminal Defense Attorney Paul SmithCriminal Defense Attorney James GitomerCriminal Defense Attorney Scott BrownCriminal Defense Attorney John Bolliger
These are just a few of our attorneys. Call 1-800-459-2500 for the BEST defense!
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We understand that you have a choice of who you select to defend you in court. Discover why our law firm is the best choice you will find anywhere, at the best price. Make a quick call to us right now at (800) 459-2500.
Thousands of people are unfairly convicted of crimes.
Why? Because the system puts you at a disadvantage. You are up against experienced, government funded prosecutors and juries that are eager to assume guilt. Without deep pockets and the right connections, most people simply cannot mount an adequate defense.
We level the playing field.
We have assembled a team of the top trial attorneys, investigators and legal experts in the nation. Our attorneys are accustomed to handling some of the most challenging cases and have achieved astonishing results. Supervising Attorney Alan Baum was recently selected as one of Southern California's top 5% Criminal Defense Attorneys by "SuperLawyers®" for the excellence of his results, and Senior Attorney of Counsel David Bahuriak has been chosen as New Jersey SuperLawyers® "Rising Star" for three consecutive years.

Our unique firm philosophy makes this powerful defense force available for the first time. If you or someone you know has been or may be accused of a crime, we encourage you to call now for a free consultation. Early intervention is the key to our mutual success.
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Attorney Eric Chase
Senior Partner Eric Chase has extensive trial experience and is a nationally recognized criminal defense commentator.
Attorney Guy Womack
Attorney Guy Womack is one of the premier military and federal defense attorneys in the nation.
Attorney Nancy Yamini
Attorney Nancy Yamini understands the needs of defendants in courts across the United States.

Criminal Defense Attorney   Criminal Defense Lawyer
Criminal Defense Attorney   Criminal Defense Lawyer
Criminal Defense Attorney   Criminal Defense Lawyer
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Assign a team to every case
Get cases trial ready
Use proven criminal
   defense experts
Do not rush to plea away
   your rights

All of our cases are handled by a defense team, not just an individual attorney, led by a criminal defense expert with years of proven trial experience. We have the resources and creative strategies to give our clients the best possible results in even the most challenging cases.

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