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Winning a case is a combination of experience, knowledge of the law, speaking skills and legal writing skills. At The Criminal Defense Group, our attorneys combine these elements to offer you superior results.

Below are a few samples of our legal writing that show the depth of our understanding of case law, how aggressive we can be and how persuasive we can be. These are just samples. Every day we put our skills to work for our clients.

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Sometimes, it is difficult to understand how plea agreements are presented and accepted. It is particularly difficult when it seems, to people who are not lawyers, that the evidence against a person is not strong enough for a conviction. This next link takes you to an explanation of a plea agreement in a very difficult case. The defendant, Chris Handley, was facing over 15 years in Federal prison plus substantial fines. Attorney Eric Chase got him 6 months in jail plus counseling. It is important to note that we are only posting this information as a resource for our visitors.

Mr. Handley has given us permission to publish this document.

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