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Natasha A. Recommends Attorney Summer McKeivier

I just wanted to extend both mine and Michael's most sincere thanks once again. If I, Michael or both of us could ever write a letter to your boss explaining how above and beyond not only your dedication and your performance has been, but how kind, tactful, tenacious and considerate you are as a person please let me know when and where to send it. Thank you for being there today, for spending your whole day to see this through and for just listening to me and talking with me. I was much more stressed than I let on and was just trying my hardest at lunch and throughout the day to keep it together. I felt so bad telling you all those things I had gone through, especially without elaborating on the surrounding circumstances or events leading up to certain things or chiefly, speaking of the good things that have come my way because there are many more good than bad. I never talk nor open up to *anyone* but you have such a kind, *nonjudgemental* disposition that I just found myself naturally opening up, (although I know that I must not have made sense at some point due to the stress/my mind being elsewhere). Attributes such as yours go far beyond what could ever be taught in any textbook or classroom. I very much enjoyed hearing the little that I did about your background and daily life. To me, you epitomize what "having it all" really is and I mean that. I admire you so much, look up to you and feel lucky to know. Your family, friends and co-workers are all so lucky to have you and I just wanted to reiterate to you from my heart that what you do on a daily basis makes a huge difference; you are the kind of person that makes others strive to be better and stronger without tearing them down and you are an angel on earth. Thank you so very much and I won't be bothering and emailing you again. I just wanted to acknowledge your unyielding worth ethic, inability to fold even under the pressure of 2 minutes left in the "Alabama day" and genuine kindness and humanity that can never be taught or merely instilled in someone. Have a nice evening sorry that this wasted your day.

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