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News and Media Coverage

May 8, 2008

Two co-defendants accused of Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana and Marijuana Trafficking in Corpus Christi, Texas. A Florida resident coming from the Texas/Mexico border was stopped at a Texas checkpoint and vehicle searched by U.S. border patrol and DEA agents who discovered large amounts of marijuana hidden inside the RV. She and her husband were then charged with the crimes. The Criminal Defense Group Attorney Guy Womack got the government to dismiss one co-defendant's case within weeks of the indictment. The other received time served, 3 years supervised release and $100 Special Assessment. This meant that the 17 days the second co-defendant had already served in detention was the only time he needed to serve.

December 11, 2007

The The Criminal Defense Group announces a not guilty verdict in a child sexual assault case in Dallas, Texas. The defendant was facing 99 years in prison, if convicted. The judge rendered the favorable verdict following a bench trial with no jury.

November 15, 2006

Investigation Dropped Against College Dean. The investigation of the dean of a major California University has been dropped due to the defense efforts of The Criminal Defense Group. The dean was under investigation for child molestation against his autistic daughter.

November 12 , 2006

Major New Jersey Drug Case Dismissed.  The Criminal Defense Group announced a CASE DISMISSAL in a high profile case involving charges of money laundering, drug possession, resisting arrest and assault against police officers. The charges were initially filed by the State of New Jersey.

October 1, 2006

The Criminal Defense Group Opens New Offices.  The Criminal Defense Group has increased its local coverage of cases with the opening of new partner offices in Texas, Florida, Chicago and California. The new offices join an extensive association of top criminal defense attorneys who handle state, federal, military and juvenile cases.

September 10 , 2006

The Criminal Defense Group Wins Murder Trial.  A Senior Partner of The Criminal Defense Group was noted for getting a NOT GUILTY verdict by reason of insanity in a high profile murder trial in California.

July 28 , 2006

The Criminal Defense Group Gets Full Acquittal in Molestation Case.  A teacher who was accused of 21 counts of Child Molestation by his students was ACQUITTED OF ALL CHARGES. The case, which lasted over a year, was handled by The Criminal Defense Group attorneys. The result has restored the reputation and career of the defendant.

May 31 , 2006

The Criminal Defense Group Celebrates 17th Year in Business.  The criminal law firm now practicing under the name "The Criminal Defense Group" has completed its 17th year in business. The firm originated with practices in New York and Los Angeles, and has since expanded to include coverage of the entire country with over 1,000 satisfied clients served since its inception.

February 9 , 2006

Attorney Guy Womack Retained in Abu Ghraib Prisoner Abuse Case.  Senior Military Attorney Guy Womack, has been retained as chief defense counsel for a defendant in the high profile prisoner abuse scandal in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Mr. Womack's reputation for getting outstanding results in military and federal cases, combined with the notoriety of this case, has generated tremendous press attention.

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