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Sentencing Consultant

Nothing in the trial process really prepares you for that first day when you walk down a prison galley with a guard. You no longer have control over your life. The cell door slams shut, and you realize that you may be in prison for a long, long time.

An experienced Sentencing Consultant can help minimize the amount of time you may have to spend in prison by working closely with your attorneys to take advantage of frequently under-utilized programs that take months or years off of the period of incarceration. A good Sentencing Consultant can often convince judges of the benefits of placing you in a less-dangerous environment, as well.

As Sentencing Consultants, The Criminal Defense Group offers well-rounded expertise and an in-depth knowledge of sentencing guidelines, departures and modifications in addition to extensive experience practicing law in Federal, State and Military courts.

We believe it is important to be aggressive and thorough both during a criminal trial and in the sentencing phase of a trial in order to get the least amount of jail time in the safest possible setting for our clients who are required to be incarcerated. We have been successful in influencing judges to lower the sentence for many of our clients, and we now offer this service to defendants and their legal team even when we are not the attorney of record.

It is not guaranteed that a white-collar criminal will go to a federal prison camp, which some refer to as a "white-collar prison". For example, Lea Fastow, convicted of Enron-related crimes with her husband, former Enron finance chief Andrew Fastow, started doing her prison time in a maximum security facility because there was no room in a camp. She will spend most of her time there locked down in her cell for her own protection.

Let us help your defense team get you the shortest sentence in the safest environment possible. If you are being charged in a Federal case, or are facing substantial prison time, call us today at (800) 459-2500 or submit a brief form for a fast, discreet, free consultation.

Of course, you could always rely on the kindness of the judge trying your case, but we wouldn't recommend it!

The Criminal Defense Group

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